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Therapy Resources

This page connects therapists to resources and educational materials to make their job easier. Content is added and updated to provide current and relevant information that can be implemented in the real world. Whether you are a Practice Owner, Rehab Director, Manager, Full-time, Part-time, PRN therapist or student, these resources can be helpful.

Developing Therapy Education to Improve the Delivery of Therapy Services

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Links to External Resources

Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) Resources

The paradigm of medical reimbursement is changing to a value-based system. Therapists working in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) will experience a major change in the billing and reimbursement process beginning October 1st, 2019. Movement to the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) will create a need to understand the new methodology being used to determine payment. The following resources can help you understand and navigate the pending changes.

Optima Healthcare Solutions - PDPM Resource Center

APTA’s Medicare Payment and Policies for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Shirley Ryan Ability Lab - Rehabilitation Measures Database

- This is an excellent resource for therapists, “with over 400 measures and supported by some of the worlds best doctors, clinicians, therapists and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation researchers, the Rehabilitation Measure Database (RMD) is the go-to resource for benchmarks and outcomes.”

American Physical Therapy Association’s - Center for Integrity in Practice

-The Center for Integrity in Practice “…is designed specifically for physical therapists (PTs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs), educators, students of physical therapy, and leaders to better understand fraud, abuse, and waste in health care…”. Here you can access information on best practice for Clinical Judgement, Documentation, Evidenced-Based Practice, and more!

American Occupational Therapy Association - Documentation & Reimbursement Page

- Are you an OT practitioner who needs “…help with documentation? AOTA helps members by providing best practices for documentation to help you increase reimbursement, decrease denied claims, and articulate the distinct value of occupational therapy”.

American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association - Documentation in Healthcare Page

-SLPs work with various payers in a diversity of settings. “ASHA does not dictate a single format or timeframe for documentation…” but does provide resources for SLPs via the Documentation in Healthcare page from the ASHA Practice Portal.

CMS - 2012 Presentation on the Therapy Cap for PT, OT and SLP services

- This presentation was created in September of 2012 and pertained to the then, “Medicare Cap for Therapy Services”. Although the cap has been replaced by the “Medicare Therapy Threshold” in 2018, this presentation provides excellent information regarding the therapist’s role, documentation expectations, definitions of rehabilitation and maintenance, as well as examples of therapy documents that are problematic. This presentation is a great starting point for understanding how to create better documentation!

Educational Information on Therapy Topics