Who We Are

Mission and Vision

Connell Consulting Solutions strives to assist our clients in the development of innovative solutions to every day problems. We collaborate with you to examine current evidence and best practice and use our knowledge of healthcare education to assist you in finding solutions.

Our Consultants are therapy leaders and healthcare educators who work to meet this mission & vision. We work together with our clients in a collaborative partnership designed to generate success through healthcare education and training.

We aspire to provide valuable education to our clients to improve the future of our our field.

Developing therapy education to improve the delivery of therapy services


What We Do

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. ~Christine Gregoire

In a nutshell, we develop training workshops for therapy providers to help them create success!

Each client is a partner in a collaborative problem-solving approach. We work with our partners to design meaningful education opportunities that will help you improve the delivery of therapy services and help shape a positive future for our field.